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2019 Month : December Volume : 6 Issue : 52 Page : 3275-3279

Topical Rebamipide Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome in Thyroid Ophthalmopathy..

Prasanta Kumar Nanda1, Bishnu Prasad Rath2, Jayaram Meher3

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Bishnu Prasad Rath,
1B/58, Sector-8,
Dr. D. B. Tonpe Road, CDA,
Cuttack- 753014, Odisha, India.
DOI: 10.18410/jebmh/2019/686

Thyroid eye disease (TED) is prevalent in patients with thyroid abnormality and usually in hyperthyroid state. Dry eye disease in TED is multifactorial with a significant component being the inflammatory processes due to involvement of the lacrimal gland, goblet cells in the conjunctival microvilli etc. The effect of Rebamipide tablet on the gastric mucosa for healing of gastric ulcer has already been proved by many studies. Rebamipide acts on the goblet cells, microvilli functions and decrease the inflammatory process.

42 eyes of 33 patients having thyroid eye disease were included in the study. They were evaluated with TBUT and Schirmer test using Whatman-41 stripes and using dry eye scoring system. They were diagnosed as dry eye if TBUT < 10 secs and Schirmer <5 mm/ 5 mins and dry eye score >6. These eyes were treated with eye drop Rebamipide 2% and reassessed at 8 wks. and 16 wks.

38 and 39 eyes showed significant improvement of dry eye state as evaluated by means of TBUT (>10 secs) and Schirmer’s test (> 5 mm/ 5 mins) and decrease in the dry eye score at 8 weeks and 16 weeks of follow up respectively. No serious adverse events were reported during follow up.

Topical Rebamipide significantly improved the dry eye condition in patients of thyroid eye disease.

Thyroid Eye Disease, Dry Eye Disease, Rebamipide, TBUT, Schirmer’s Test, OSDI